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Johnson Woo - Bungalow

The Winning Project:
Johnson Woo - Bungalow
Location : Bukit Jalil
Build-up Size : 4,000 sq ft
Plan : 7 Bedrooms & 7 Bathrooms
Designer Concept : Contemporary & Whimsical

1. The interior is created to capture stunning views and ample daylight from the outdoors.
2. Decorative displays play and essential role in bringing out the best features of this home.
3. Accent colors are employed at strategic spots to highlight different areas within the interior.

Inspired by a magic box and heaps of sentimentality, these spaces feature whimsical accents and romantic colors as well as sleek, contemporary furniture, transforming the house into a home full of character. The floor-to-ceiling windows are left bare to give the occupants a stunning view of the outdoors while letting in large amounts of daylight into the interiors, creating a sense of spaciousness and an overall airy and fresh ambience.

The house features an interesting palette that mixes both bold and muted tones into perfection, Additionally, decorative details also inject a sense of personality and visual interest. In the master bedroom, an adjoining home office with its faux grass carpeting and bare cement walls gives the home a unique touch.